What is a Personal VPN?

A Personal VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and a secure server on the internet. All data traveling between you and that server is invisible to anyone monitoring your connection. Because of this, your data remains private and censors cannot restrict your internet activity. This is the same technique used by large corporations and governments around the world to secure their connections. Our service makes this available to the personal user.

Why do I need a personal VPN?

Because a personal VPN allows you to:

-Unblock web sites everywhere in the world
-Watch video sites from anywhere in the world
-Unblock Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and other social sites
-Bypass censors and deny them ability to see your actions
-Unblock Skype and other IP phone systems
-Protect yourself from identity thieves and hackers
-Unblock poker and other gaming sites
-Secure your connection at wide open Wi-Fi hotspots
-Keep correspondence secure at hotels and airports
-Deny your ISP the ability to track your surfing habits
-Hide your IP address from web site owners / search engines
-Prevent web marketers from data-mining your preferences


Personal VPN service - This service is for users who need a simple, effective and cheap VPN solution for their computer. For the PC we use OpenVPN which is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and other devices. OpenVPN is the most secure and robust VPN solution available. For your smart phone or tablet computer like iPhone, iPad or Android we also include PPTP and L2TP service since these devices do not currently support OpenVPN in their factory configurations. The price for this service is $49.99 per year.

Dedicated VPN Server - We also offer a dedicated VPN OpenVPN server that features a static IP based in the USA or the Netherlands. With this service you become the only user of that server and its IP address. Your VPN IP address is both static and unique. The price is $399.99 per year and includes 2 user accounts. Additional user accounts are available for $24.99 per year per additional account.

In order to keep the cost low, these are the only purchase options we offer. The service can be ordered by clicking on the 'Subscribe' tab.

Server locations:

USA VPN Canada VPN UK VPN Germany VPN Netherlands VPN


If you are looking for an advanced service that will provide servers in multiple countries, VPN routers, flash drive VPNs and more, our affiliate VPN Service will more than cover your needs. They have servers throughout the world and also offer short term subscriptions for these advanced services.


If you have questions email us a info@personalvpn.biz. For more information, click on 'Contact Us'.